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John Cerasani
Chicago/Los Angeles
Managing Partner, Founder
Eddie Lou
Chicago, IL
Venture Capital, Early Stage & Growth
Erin Broderick
Chicago, IL
Corporate Restructuring, Attorney
Josh Childress
Irvine, CA
Off Market Transactions, Large Real Estate
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Paul Sorkin
Chicago, IL
Venture Capital, Attorney
Tonjua (T.J.) Jones
Venture Capital, Deal Flow


Where do we play?


This highly interesting and popular vertical focuses primarily on early-stage sports, recreation and gaming companies. Although not imperative, sought after ventures in this space also usually have a technology component consisting of proprietary intellectual property and an “accelerator” of some sort attached to their existing business model.


Glencrest Global looks to invest in industry disruptors and game-changers. Although we will always consider companies or ideas that compete in existing spaces, priority consideration is reserved for novel business models catering to untapped customer segments.


Glencrest Global recognizes that funding is necessary in various stages of a company’s lifespan. Historically, we have participated in seed, bridge, series A, and series B rounds.

Glencrest Global does not currently operate with Limited Partners. All investments are funded from a single source (Cerasani Family Office). This allows flexibility to adapt funding to a business without creating an artificial lifespan on investment or pressure to answer to a potentially conflicting LP base.

Our minimum funding threshold is $100,000 and we target investments up to $3,500,000. There are exceptions to this range, albeit infrequent.



Independent Initiative

“Independent Initiative” is the subjective title assigned to businesses that do not fit the typical venture funding model. These are often home-grown companies by sole proprietors that are capable of being cash flow positive relatively early in their lifecycle.

The approach with business partners in this segment is far different than our approach in the regular venture capital space. We are industry agnostic but typically look for hard assets or recurring stable revenue. We offer structured equity and unsecured and secured debt investments and convertible instruments that provide maximum flexibility to founders.

The ideal business partner has a proven track record, but needs additional capital for growth opportunities or a start-up company with an experienced and accomplished founder and/or management team.

Real Estate

At Glencrest Global, we recognize that access to capital, like in every other industry, is the lifeblood of an investor. Real estate investors must secure private funding to realize the returns they seek. The typical investor is not interested and often not capable of funding a deal with their personal funds. And even if the funds are readily available, investors often seek outside assistance for a plethora of reasons.

At Glencrest Global, we view each situation independently and consider approval of the loan with a holistic approach. Each financing purpose is evaluated on its own merits and we employ a creative approach to meet investors’ unique needs; some examples of loan types we would consider are:

Rehab / Sell

Purchase of a residential property and complete renovations with the intention of reselling it once the project is complete.

Rehab / Rent

Purchase of a residential property and complete renovations with the intention of renting the property for cash flow purposes.

Builders / Developers

Builders and developers will purchase vacant land to permit and develop into residential or commercial use.

Commercial Investors

A “bridge loan” for a commercial property.


Special Situations

Glencrest Global will also provide funding for special situations that do not fit neatly into traditional financing needs secured by non-traditional collateral, such as intellectual property or future revenue streams.

Some examples include:

  • Financing of a purchase order
  • Loan secured against known future earnings
  • Venture capital financing for future equity raises

Glencrest Global is NOT a bank. All financing and loan amounts are funded with personal and private money. All loan requests will be evaluated on their own merits.